Adaptive Learning

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Education is one important part of our lives. With the changing era and the fast developing generation, it is important that learning is also made more innovative and interactive. For students of this generation to keep up with the new advancements and to provide them the best education in the best possible manner, an educational method was introduced, called the Adaptive Learning.

Adaptive learning is a method that transforms both the teaching and learning processes. It enables students to develop an interactive learning process with the help of customized worksheets and cognitive teaching methods. It is designed in a way that adapts itself to the student’s learning method and pace. This results in a better and more constructive method learning experience for students.

This method of learning also provides students the advantage of optimized teaching and avails individual attention that cannot be obtained at school. The worksheets are designed to adjust the learning process and speed according to the student’s pace, which is the most effective tool of this method.

The most desirable advantage of this method is, it inculcates in the students the habit of self learning. This makes them independent learners and motivates them to sit and study by themselves without the need of assistance or supervision of either parents or teachers.

With adaptive testing in the form of a series of tests, students are presented with questions that are selected based on their level of difficulty in accordance with their assessed skill level. As the tests proceed, the difficulty level can be adjusted according to the student’s score based on their answers, continuously fine-tuning the score by selecting questions from a narrower range of difficulty.

With such advancements in the educational field providing children a better way of gaining knowledge, learning would no longer be difficult or tiresome. These challenging and innovative methods have brought great improvement in the way students look at education.

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