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Homeschooling has gained great importance and popularity lately. It is the idea of imparting education to children at home instead of admitting them in a school. Children who undergo homeschooling are usually taught by parents or tutors who come home to teach kids.

It was found that homeschooled kids perform well in tests and are on par with children who attend school privately. They are self-directed learners who acquire understanding of things with great ease.

Homeschooling benefits children in many ways. It develops the quality of self-learning in children, which in the long run would help them in learning any subject without guidance. With children learning at home, parents can have control over what their children learn and when they learn it. It also provides children the freedom to learn the subject of their choice. Parents get to monitor their kids personally and pay attention in any subject with which they struggle.

Unlike the private schools in which one teacher manages more than thirty students in a class, homeschooling gives the advantage of paying complete attention on a single child. This also provides parents the ability to customize the education plan to their child’s unique interests and learning styles.

Homeschooling not only helps in giving good education to children but also improves the parent-child relationship. Parents get an opportunity to teach morals and real-life survival skills along with their studies. They have the freedom to take their kids on trips and educational tours whenever they want. Being homeschooled makes children more responsive and self-motivated.

Children who are homeschooled have the privilege of catering sufficient time for extracurricular activities and develop skills of their interest. It gives them ample time to hone their talents and nurture a variety of arts. In addition to education, homeschooled children actively involve in activities outside their family such as volunteer opportunities and local community services. This makes children more sensitive and passionate towards people and reduces the risk of peer pressure, competition and boredom. Studying from home eliminates the problem of sleeplessness in children which is of growing concern in children attending private schools.

Homeschooling is associated with academic success as children are largely being benefitted by self-learning and parental guidance. For their children to excel in competitive examinations, parents often take the help of home tutorials which deliver practice worksheets and test series to home. With the combined efforts of parents and children, homeschooling can prove to be the best education method for effective learning.

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