How 360 Learning works?

360 Learning programme advocates the value of self learning which starts with individual learner assessment followed by step-by-step improvement procedure. This approach to learning is more cognitive and is much ahead of the conventional data entry teaching methods.


360 Learning understands that every learner operates in a distinct cognitive periphery, and allows them to eventually develop it through a series of incremental worksheets that are carefully designed by experts.


Ez Math is crafted to efficiently bridge this increasing gap with ease. We create worksheets, carefully drafted and customised to suit individual student needs by vigilantly monitoring their progress on a regular basis.




Each worksheet comes with Let me Help Sheet that allows them to learn/understand the Concepts by themselves .Learners have to spend just 15 mins a day to complete  each WorkSheet for 5 days . This approach ensures to ignite and automate the self learning process.Worksheets assessment is done and new ones are keenly designed based on one’s earlier performances.


Every worksheet teaches a different lesson and throws a different challenge to face. This way, learners can gradually understand the know-how of various things and set a record for themselves to soon break. Once an assignment is completed correctly, he/she advances to the next one. Learners would in no time love concepts and a visible improvement to be felt, only to be left craving for more!


The best part of each assignment is Rewards! Each kid is rewarded for crossing different levels of assignments. Therefore, kids tend to get more engaged, motivated and eagerly participate in the fun process of learning.