Students and Math Phobia

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Children always have an enthusiasm to learn new things and to involve in activities that are fun filled. Be it playing a new game or reading a new story book, they often get pulled towards things that seem interesting. But if something is difficult and boring to do, no one can draw their attention towards it.

For children of any age, interest is the main quality that pulls them towards anything. And when it is about studies, having interest and liking towards a subject is the basic necessity to make children shine in that subject.

Students often tend to avoid doing mathematics and don’t seem interested in it. The reason behind this is the fear they have, which is generally called a “Phobia”. A fear of doing mathematics makes students neglect the subject and discourages them from learning anything new related to it.

One reason behind students developing math phobia is lack of proper teaching of concepts. This leads to poor understanding of basics, resulting in hindering their self confidence in attempting to solve math problems. The teaching techniques that schools adopt to explain concepts being outdated and monotonous, fail to keep students engrossed in it.


Teachers and parents frequently caution their kids saying that mathematics is a difficult subject and that they should learn it properly lest they fail in it. This is another factor that develops math phobia in kids. The fear of failing in the subject itself makes them back off from attempting to solve it.

Parents many a time feel concerned and distressed about their children scoring poor grades in mathematics. This paves the way to their admitting their children in tutorials. But this is not the solution for their problem. Joining tutorials in no way eliminates their math phobia, but instead worsens it. The constant pressure on them to learn the subject the same way, both at school and the tutorials depresses them.

There is a growing need for both teachers and parents to understand the fear students have in doing math. They need to figure out the difficulties that students face while learning math and should try to find a better and easier method to teach them. It is their responsibility to understand the capability of each child and teach them in a way that draws their attention and keeps them interested.

Learning a subject in a simple and fun filled manner helps students understand the subject effectively and with great ease. The main objective behind teaching students math is to inculcate in them the quality and capability of solving any mathematical or logical question at any stage in their educational career. This requires a thorough understanding of basic mathematical concepts. It is only when students excel in a subject that they feel excited and inspired to learn more and score better in it.

One way of eliminating math phobia among students is changing the teaching techniques and making the class hour interactive and innovative.  Another method that can be followed is to make students workout problems in groups by planning group activities. This develops the quality of teamwork and also helps students learn concepts together.

An organized and level based exam scheme can help students cope with math phobia. Teachers have to put effort in preparing test series that are easy in the beginning and increase the difficulty level gradually. As students begin to score well in the beginning, it builds their confidence levels and boosts their morale.

Handling such stress like math phobia at a tender age is not easy for children. Hence parents and teachers have to take up the responsibility and make sure that students tackle with their learning difficulties and excel in their studies because education when imparted in a joyful manner gives the best results!

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