Time Management Skills for School Students

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One of the most important things every individual ought to follow and value is TIME. It is very essential that children be taught to value time from their childhood itself. Children involve in various activities right from waking up in the morning to get ready for school, till the time they go to bed. Every work they do needs to be planned in a way that doesn’t affect the other works.

All time management begins with planning. A well planned day is always well spent. Students often face trouble in managing their time between their studies and extracurricular activities. This results in incomplete tasks and extra work load for the following day. This problem can be solved by proper planning of their time. Few tips to improve time management skills for students are:

  • List out all the tasks you have for the day. This helps you in organizing the order of the task according to their priorities. Make sure that the most important things are done first so that you don’t miss them out.
  • Plan your day in accordance with the school schedule so that the two things don’t clash.
  • Make sure you cater enough time for sleeping and also for family. It is very important to pull out time for relaxing lest it leads to stress.
  • Wake up early in the morning and finish any left out work that needs to be submitted in the class.
  • After the school hours, plan what all tasks are to be done for the following day. Allot some time for games and sports or any extracurricular activities that you are interested in.
  • Allot about 2-3 hours of study at home after school. This much time should be sufficient to finish the home works and preparation for assignments and the revision of the classwork as well.
  • Postpone tasks or routines that can be put off until your school work is finished. It is an important rule in time management to learn to know which work is of more important to us.

Following these simple rules of time management, students can improve the way they do their works. With proper planning and arrangement of priorities, students get a chance to stay on track and work in an organized manner. Eventually, this helps them in becoming a better and disciplined individual.

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