Why EZ-Math

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Education, over the years has been imparted in the stereotyped form of classroom teaching. This method has been accepted as the best and most effective way of educating all children in a similar manner and in the same environment.

But at 360 Learning Edutech, we believe that every child is unique and has his/her own way of learning and understanding things. To develop in children, the habit of self-learning, we have come up with a flagship program called the EZ MATH. This program brings a wind of change in the way children are being educated. It provides both children and parents with a comfort of learning math concepts at home and at their own pace.

EZ MATH is a 25 week program which focuses at enabling children to understand the math concepts from the basics, with the help of a series of incremental worksheets. The worksheets are designed exclusively for each child to match their capability and comfort levels. This customization of worksheets and test papers is what makes EZ MATH stand out of the crowd.

For parents who prefer an interesting and effective method of teaching math concepts to their children, EZ MATH does the needful. Be it initiating basic learning in children or the zeal to ace competitive exams, EZ MATH is the formula to drive in your children the love for Mathematics and the passion to excel in it.

15 minutes per day with EZ MATH makes your child develop an appetite for mathematics. 5 worksheets per week with customized and systematic teaching of concepts will work perfectly to make children get a better understanding of the math concepts. The EZ MATH program also offers a wide range of reward choices to motivate learners to perform well.

Another convincing and convenient factor about EZ MATH is the door delivery of worksheets and collection of the completed worksheets at the end of the week. This facilitates both parents and students with the comfort of sitting at home and learning the subject. With all such unique and outstanding features, the EZ MATH program stands as one of the most effective educational programs available for children today.

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